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Solothurn and, basel and also to the, aargau. Many Swiss peasants, who had raised mortgages during the boom at wartime, suddenly faced financial problems. The official view remained ambivalent at best, though. 72 Footnotes edit a All dates are given according to the Gregorian calendar, which was already in effect in all the Catholic cantons. State Archive of Lucerne: Bauernkrieg 1653: Forderungen von Stadt und Amt Willisau an die städtische Obrigkeit,.

The diet and central council of the federation, the Tagsatzung, held no real power and served more as an instrument of coordination. The peasants were forced to agree to the peace of Mellingen, which annulled the Huttwil League. (2004 1653: Geschichte, Geschichtsschreibung und Erinnerung,. . State Archive of Lucerne: Bauernkrieg 1653 Stüssi-Lauterburg 2003,. . The peasant leaders had clearly learned from previous unsuccessful smaller revolts they had been involved.

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A b Suter 2004, pp. . Both cantons called upon the other uninvolved members of the Old Swiss Confederacy to mediate in the conflict, but at the same time, the Tagsatzung, the diet of the cantons' governments, also began to prepare for a military resolution. In the hills around the nearby villages Wohlenschwil and Othmarsingen a peasant army of some 24,000 men 36 assembled, led by Leuenberger and Schybi. A b Hostettler 2003. The treaty of Huttwil explicitly recognized this biconfessionalism. The federation comprised rural cantons as well as city states that had expanded their territories into the countryside by political and military means at the cost of the previously ruling liege lords.